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Covid 19 Information


Stone Arch Brewpub and Stone Arch Catering have been, and will continue to implement the safest procedures to keep our guests, our staff and our community safe from the spread of Covid-19.  We continually monitor guidelines provided by federal, state and local health officials and meet with our team daily to discuss implementation of these recommendations.  We take in high regard the need for social distancing, staff hygiene and we limit human contact points whenever possible.  Our expectation is that guests will practice individual responsibility as well. 

Employee Safety policies:

  • All employees that do not feel good are instructed to stay home.
  • We take and record our staff’s temperature at the beginning of each shift.  Any employee registering a temperature above 100.4 degrees will be instructed to go home.
  • Our employees are instructed to wash their hands and forearms for a minimum of 20 seconds often throughout their shift.  They are also instructed to use single use towels to dry.
  • Ample nitrile gloves are available for our staff.
  • Each staff member is to wear a mask covering their mouth and nose and have them not touch their mask.  
  • We provide the opportunity for guests to view our menus on their smart phones or have single use menus available for those without smart phone access.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are strategically placed throughout our restaurant and bar spaces.
  • All silverware is rolled in napkins.  Compostable single use silverware is available upon request.

Facility Procedures:

  • 25% Capacity limit as recommended by state and local officials
  • Minimum 6 feet distancing of tables to allow proper social distancing
  • Table and chair surfaces are cleaned before and after each use.
  • We prop doors whenever possible to allow hands-free entry and exit.
  • We monitor guest flow to allow social distancing in all our restaurant and bar spaces and never direct too many people to any area within our facility.
  • We post federal, state and local safety guidelines as well as our promise to the Restaurant Association’s “We’re In This Together” pledge. 

Catering Commitment:

  • We work diligently with each venue to make the combined effort for clean and sanitized spaces and strictly adhere to federal, state and local recommendations.
  • We use single use, compostable wares to minimize human contact points.
  • For the time being, we will not provide buffets but will provide staff for cafeteria-style serving so that we minimize human contact points.