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Leading The Charge

Most businesses have a mission or vision statement, Stone Arch Brewpub has a philosophy. It is not a goal we strive for, it’s a passionate position we are living and improving every day. Stone Arch is helping to lead the charge in the community to be more sustainable, support local businesses and local citizens, strive towards the offering of only organic fruits and vegetables, and buying from companies with certified humane practices. We are passionate about making our food, our beer, our community, and the lives of those that eat and drink here better. We are coming up with newer healthier entrees, not necessarily calorie-wise, although we have those too, but healthier in terms of food free from hormones, steroids and other unknowns. Additionally, we brew gourmet sodas with natural cane sugar instead of artificial sweeteners. We are creating meals that are good for you and good tasting.

Breaking It Down

When you support Stone Arch, you are also supporting several other local and sustainable companies. Let’s break it down a bit. Let’s say you order a Bison Bleu Burger with a side salad and a Stone Arch English Six Grain Ale. Here is who you are supporting:


  • Bison Burger – Grain-fed at Navarino Farms in Shicoton, Wisconsin
  • Bun – Artisan Telera Roll produced by environmentally-minded LaBrea Bakery
  • Bleu Cheese – Sourced from Emmi Roth (formerly Roth Kase) in Monroe, Wisconsin
  • Side Salad – Organic mixed greens and local vegetables sourced from as close as Riverview Gardens
  • Fryer Oil (for chips) – Recycled by Chris Tassone in Appleton, Wisconsin & used as fuel
  • Malt (in the beer)- Sourced from Briess Malting in Chilton Wisconsin
  • Six-Grain Ale – Brewed at our brewery, Stone Arch Brew House
  • Spent grain (from brewing)- Given to local farms for animal feed

Let’s Build A Sustainable Community

We aren’t striving towards being local and sustainable, we are already doing it. If one company can have an impact on six different companies with each entrée they serve, imagine if all of the other companies hopped on board. Together we could build more jobs and better the lives of those around us. We would be helping our neighbors instead of big corporations from somewhere far away. We would all be building a better, healthier, sustainable community and nurturing better, happier, healthier lives for our families and friends.