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Stone Arch Brew House fermentation tanks behind a row of kegs

On the main floor of the “Between the Locks” building sits the Stone Arch Brew House. This smaller sized brewery underwent an expansion in 2012 that tripled brewing capacity up to 4000 barrels of beer per year and added a new bottling machine and labeler. In 2015 the included tap room was moved to allow for further flow improvements in the brewery and a larger tap room space.

Tap Room

Just down the hall from the brewery sits our newest expansion, our new Tap Room. With improved decor and a near tripling in size, the tap room is a large inviting space perfect for sipping a few beers with friends. Featuring a rotating lineup of unique beers only available in the tap room, guests can try original barrel-aged, test batch, and specialty beers from Stone Arch as well as a few unique beers featured from other exemplary craft brewers. The space features decor honoring Appleton’s proud brewing history, including extremely rare photographs and vintage beer signs.

Stone Arch Brew House tap room


Descending down into the cellar of the “Between The Locks” building we arrive into the bar. Surrounded in three foot thick stones walls, there is not another bar like this anywhere around. Its dimmer ambiance and old-style atmosphere makes you feel at home upon arrival. There are two levels to the bar allowing for both bar height and table height seating at the bar itself. The four televisions allow you to catch the game but don’t detract from the atmosphere.

A view of the Stone Cellar Brewpub when coming down the main steps.

Dining Room

Off to the left of our bar lies our dining room. Also wrapped in stone walls, our dining room is the perfect spot to bring your family, your date, or all of your good friends. Our dining room is split into two halves. Why you ask? Because when the building was built they didn’t have supports large enough to span the entire ceiling so they had to put up a wall for support. Now sunken and buried a story underground, the back part of our dining room used to be where they loaded up horse carriages for delivery at the old Appleton Brewing and Malting Company. You can still see where the doors and windows used to reside.

Our main dining area is split into both a front and back dining room. Its original stone walls give the dining rooms a unique atmosphere that is unmatched in the area.

English Room

Down the hall from our bar lies the English Room. The English Room is a private room that acts as an extension of our dining room on Friday and Saturday evenings. Additionally, during the week, this space can be rented out for private functions from rehearsal dinners to work parties. This multifunction space hosts its own limited bar and can seat up to forty people for a sit down dinner. For more information on how to reserve our English Room for your event, please visit our events section.

Our English Room is a special event space during the week and acts as an extended dining room on the weekends. With a stone wall fireplace and a private bar, this banquet space is great for groups up to 40.

Beer Garden

Open May-August, this outdoor Beer Garden is prefect for a local Appleton craft beer in the sun.

Heading back up the steps and out the west side of the building you will enter our beer garden. Open May through September our beer garden consists of a vine wrapped brick cove and a bright sunny deck area. The Beer Garden is one of the biggest in the area and houses its own private bar and both tall and short tables. With live music several days a week, the beer garden is the perfect spot to enjoy a great beer on a nice sunny day.